Construction Details

Preserving and integrating history in the “New Queen Anne”

The “Queen Anne” was built over a time span of 110 years, starting in 1840. Standing there, overlooking Queen Anne Road and Oyster Pond it has become a landmark welcoming all those driving by to their beloved summer places here in Chatham.

The “New Queen Anne“ will continue this tradition while at the same time providing the latest state of the art construction and master craftsmanship in it’s design details.

A completely newly designed and constructed larger building will house six of the seven townhouse units; the seventh unit will be the already existing “Carriage House”. Private courtyards will extend from each unit into the mature, hidden away garden with its elegant sparkling pool and breeze club house.

Our Green Building Philosophy

  • Site planning to take advantage of natural sunlight, and shading
  • Resource efficient wall framing and insulation techniques
  • Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Energy-efficient appliances and lighting
  • Systems and products to improve indoor air quality
  • Sustainable building products
  • Home automation systems that allow home owners to monitor and control lighting, irrigation, heating and cooling systems
  • Use of low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and products
  • Water efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Landscaping with native and drought tolerant plants plus water conserving irrigation

Durable Design

Building materials for the project are being selected with durable, high-quality/low maintenance characteristics in mind as well as aesthetics.

  • High R-value exterior Icynene insulation is going to be installed throughout with sound attenuation insulation in all interior walls and floors.
  • Exterior walls will feature integrated insulation materials
  • Exterior windows and doors will be installed with extra high weathering resistance
  • Sloped roofs will be constructed with 40-50 year warranties.
  • Hi efficiency y heating and air conditioning systems
  • High "r-value" exterior Icynene insulation through out with sound attenuation insulation in all interior walls and floors
  • Energy efficient and hurricane zone compliant window and door package
  • Exterior windows and doors will be installed with extra high weathering resistance
  • Sprinkler system throughout all units
  • Lush landscaping will be featured in the private courtyards and in all common areas.
  • Mature plantings will be carefully placed in order to assure and enhance between townhouses.
  • Generous balconies, patios and terraces, will be constructed with attractive and durable surfaces selected for their ability to withstand weather extremes


Soundproofing ranks high among the concerns of most future homeowners. The Queen Anne townhouses are designed and will be constructed to meet or exceed the highest acoustic standards, and the acoustic engineer was one of the very first consultants to be retained for the project to make sure the project is worthy of the (often overused) term "luxury."

Proper sound insulation can only be achieved through careful planning during development, plus the use of appropriate materials, and attention to detail during construction.

In the Queen Anne, walls and ceilings are designed to provide the desired acoustical privacy between adjacent rooms and floors as well as between each neighboring home and other areas, such as halls, stairways, elevators and equipment spaces. Our acoustic engineer advised our design and pre-construction team on everything from wall systems and flooring materials, to the isolation of plumbing noise, impact noise, mechanical systems, to appliance selection.

The Queen Anne will clearly exceed the highest rating for luxury buildings as defined by HUD and the American Society for Testing and Materials.


The Queen Anne Luxury Townhouses