Soundproofing ranks high among the concerns of most future homeowners. The Queen Anne townhouses are designed and will be constructed to meet or exceed the highest acoustical standards. The acoustical engineer was one of the very first consultants to be retained for the project to make sure the project is worthy of the term “luxury.”

Proper sound insulation can only be achieved through careful planning during development, the use of appropriate materials, and attention to detail during construction.

In the Queen Anne, walls and ceilings are designed to provide the desired acoustical privacy between adjacent rooms and floors as well as between each neighboring home and other areas, such as halls, stairways, elevators and equipment spaces. Our acoustical engineer advised our design and pre-construction team on everything from wall systems and flooring materials to the isolation of plumbing noise, impact noise, mechanical systems, to appliance selection.

The Queen Anne will clearly exceed the highest rating for luxury buildings as defined by HUD and the American Society for Testing and Materials.


The Queen Anne Luxury Townhouses